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We would like to welcome you to the 2023 online Art Matters exhibition; a showcase
of visual artworks made by young people from 44 primary schools, secondary
schools, sixth-form colleges, and community organisations from Newham and other
East London boroughs. We hope that you enjoy looking at the work on show and
leave us feeling inspired to have a go at making your own pieces!

This year’s exhibition also includes six short films made as part of our new ‘Listen to
Your Artbeat’ project, where groups of young people devised, developed, and
delivered creative workshops to young people. As well as this you will find images of
innovative pieces of jewelry made from recycled objects on the ‘Our Stories’ page
which were created and modeled by young people in response to three
extraordinary objects that were kindly shared with us by the V&A East team.
Making artwork is an exciting and challenging activity that stimulates the mind, body, and soul.

Looking at the work of other creative practitioners also enables young
people to develop an understanding and appreciation of both historical and
contemporary artistic expression. It is vital that our young people and future
generations of artists, designers, architects, and art leaders continue to have access
to the highest quality provision of arts and culture both in and out of school.

The work on show is a glimpse of the future of Art & Design in this country and the
the contribution that East London schools are making to ensure that the Arts continue to
be a prominent feature in our schools. East London schools are making a stand and
saying, "Art does matter"; and despite a current curriculum that marginalise the arts,
they will continue to have a secure and significant place in the education of our
young people.

Newham has a young, dynamic, vibrant, and diverse population. The online Art
Matters exhibition provides a great opportunity for our young people to share their
work amongst themselves as well as to a wider global audience. Whether students
choose to go on to work as artists, architects, or designers the learning that takes
place through Art and Design develops creative thinking skills that can be applied to
many areas of their lives.

We’d like to congratulate all the young people involved on their work and to thank
their teachers for such inspirational teaching and for organising their work so
brilliantly. Finally, We’d like to say a big thank you to the University of the Arts London,
University of East London, V&A East, The Whitechapel Gallery, The Foundation for
Future London and the City of London without whose support this exhibition would
not be possible.

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